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What’s a Marketing Strategy?
marketing strategy is the birth, the spark, and the start of your company’s marketing efforts. This is the formula for how your company is going to compete and survive in the market. Marketing strate- gies should contain major objectives, purposes, goals, and lead to the plans for implementing your company’s marketing campaign                                          marketing plan and should work hand in hand with that plan to develop a fail proof marketing campaign designed to grow your business and increase your brand awareness.
There are distinct components that should be found in your company’s marketing strategy
of your company and what it offers. Make sure that the purpose of your service or product is clear
mine who your customer base is. Is there a certain demographic... age, gender, income bracket, or area where you should focus your marketing campaign? Your strategy should also answer the “why and how” you will reach your target market. Are you looking to drive sales on certain products and services or are you focused more on branding? Doing both is never a bad idea. Are you trying to in- crease your presence on social media or grow your google reviews? Are you looking to become the authority in your area? These are all questions that should be answered in your marketing strategy and will guide the development of a good marketing plan.
Your marketing strategy and your marketing plan go hand in hand and lead to a well imple-
develop a stellar marketing strategy. After laying out your strategy, you will have a clear understand- ing of your business’ unique position and the proposition that it has to offer, as well as the compe- tition it faces. Your marketing strategy will have determined your target market and come up with a great answer as to why they should be utilizing your services or products. Overall, your strategy will have determined the goals of your marketing efforts and start leading to the methods that will be implemented into your marketing plan to achieve those goals!

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